Directors Message

Mr.Lokesh Jindal

The finer the brew the harder the grind. Applies to both an espresso shot and the life of a student.
Hi friends, I being an academician since a decade and now heading a team of excellent academicians here at The Academy, would like to introduce you to the world of Civil Services. Where you can be the future Diplomat to the Republic of India and handle a sensitive issue with another nation or Administer a District, enjoying the dedication of the Police force ready to deliver at your command.

I will not call it a dream job, but an aspiration, and only a few will bear the grit to fulfil this aspiration.
Hence, which they call, a Civil Service Examination, I call it, a test to strive for…

Please heed, in no way I feel it is an examination of life but surely it is an examination for life. Thus the life transforms into servility to the nation and yet the most respected.
So friends I feel it’s high time for you all to smell the coffee !

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