Foundation Course for NDA/SSC/UPSC/MPSC

Duration: 1 Year.
Eligibility: Undergraduates, Students aspiring for Competitive Examinations.
Aims and Objectives: The Foundation course aims at strengthening the basics. It attempts to cover those aspects which have been neglected during the past academic years. A Sound base is necessary prerequisite for success in Civil Services Examination.

The Foundation Course covers the following aspects.

  1. Introduction to Civil Services Examination.
  2. English Language: Grammar, Vocabulary, Communication skills, Writing skills,
    Inter personal Communication skills, Group discussion, Interview, Personality
    development, Body Language analysis, Newspaper reading, Notes making, Essay writing, Answer writing
  3. Interview Preparation Skills: Presentation, Psychometric analysis, Body language analysis, Personality Traits
  4. Basic Computing Skills
  5. Counseling for career perspective
  6. Current affairs
  7. Aptitude
  8. Self-study
  9. Field visit

Following the completion of the Foundation Course, the Student gets a Good understanding about the public Services.