The personal interview is a part of the formal selection process in which the candidates are screened and ranked based on their scores. The purpose of the personal interview in UPSC is to identify competencies in the candidate which are characteristic requirements for the job of a civil servant.
The personal interview usually assesses 4 to 6 competencies through various assessment methods.
The interview questions are mostly reflective of competencies derived from the job analysis. It is realistic of the responsibilities of the job. Being open-ended, clear and concise it is free from jargon and at a reading level appropriate for the candidates.
The interview board checks the general competency and technical competency of the candidate. The proficiency level for each competency is measured and rated. It involves experts pertaining to subject matter, interpersonal skills etc. Behavioural responses are also judged by the experts.
In order to guide the candidates through this last stage of preparation, the Interview Guidance Program is conducted by THE ACADEMY. The panel of experts include ex-servicemen, psychologists and academicians. The program involves sessions and mock interviews. Guidance is based on the experience and job analysis by the panel members. The program involves sessions on the following aspects:

  1. Session on DAF :

    Many questions are asked by Board Members based on the Detail application form submitted by the candidate. The Academy organizes sessions by expert faculties so that the aspirants are equipped to face any question and give convincing reply on every aspect.

  2. Contemporary Issues :

    Contemporary issues related to Social, Economic, Environmental, political, international and national are discussed in a lecture & question answer session. A thorough revision of the current affairs prepares the candidate in a limited period of time.

  3. The essence of the interview :

    Interview Guidance program aims at explaining the aim and objective of the interview. Once the candidate understands the idea underneath it, he/she can perform at their level best.

    The interview session for the year 2015 shall start from 20th march onwards. Candidates are required to register prior to the date of the commencement of the program.