Why Civil Services

If you are the one who believes in a meaningful life and finds value in adding meaning to others lives, if you are the one who desires a journey worthy of destination, then Civil Services is the coveted service that can fulfil your dreams.

The Civil Service will demand you to wear a different thinking hat each day. One day you may be administering the elections of the Lok Sabha and another day you could be discussing growth plans of a big multinational company in a district. One day you may be helping the farmers resolve their agricultural issues another day having a humble meal at a school under Mid Day Meal programme.

In a nut shell a civil servant is responsible for the law and order and general administration in the area under his jurisdiction. Typically the deliverables of an IAS officer are as follows:

  • To handle the daily affairs of the governments, including framing and implementation of policy in consultation with the minister-in-charge of the concerned ministry.
  • Implementation of policy requires supervision.
  • Implementation requires travelling to place where the policies are being implemented.
  • Planning and proper disbursement of public funds which requires personal supervision as the officers are answerable to the Parliament and State Legislature for any irregularities that may occur.

In the process of policy formulation and decision making, officers at various levels like joint secretary, deputy secretary make their contributions and the final shape to the policy is given or a final decision is taken with the concurrence of the minister concerned or the cabinet depending upon the gravity of the issue.

Integrity, perseverance and competence of a Civil Servant fuel the growth of the nation.

The Academy welcomes you to the dynamic world of Civil Servants. Jai Hind!!